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Generating and Analyzing Multimode Squeezing

Generating and Analyzing Multimode Squeezing

Datum: 18. Dezember 2017 13:00 bis 14:00

Ort: NWZ II, 6.331

Squeezed states of light are purely quantum phenomena in which we have reduced fluctuations in one of the field quadratures as compared with a coherent state of light. Furthermore, one can entangle two mode of light with squeezed states, and create a non-classical correlation. This property of quantum system can be exploited in the quantum information’s field like communication and high-precision sensing [1-3]. For exemple, nowadays, a very promising and currently an active field of research is the so-called cluster state model of quantum computation where a large amount of squeezing enable a perfect correlations betweens different mode [1]. For efficient quantum computation and circuit complexity analysis, large cluster states of squeezed light are required.

In this presentation, I will show our recent work on concepts for multimode squeezed states of light. I will introduce our approach to analyse those states through their Foch representations. I will allo present disentanglement methods [4,5] that I worked on toward enabling an recipe to analyze multimode squeezed states, I will apply this method on three mode squeezing.

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