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Advances in on demand photon sources: from multiplexing to molecules

Advances in on demand photon sources: from multiplexing to molecules

Datum: 22. November 2016 13:00

Ort: NWZII, 6.331

Current photon sources are limiting experiments to approximately 10 simultaneous photons, requiring many days to collect data - experiments with 20 photons would currently require waiting more than the known age of the universe! In this talk I will discuss routes towards improving photon sources to bring this waiting time down to sensible levels. I will briefly discuss photon source requirements for various quantum technologies, and present some results from developing integrated chip-based photon sources. I will then describe multiplexing methods used to increase the probability of extracting single photons on demand from such sources [1]. Moving on, I will review recent results of using single organic dye molecules as photon sources. I will go through their pros and cons and present our recent work investigating co-sublimation growth for controllable doping density in organic crystals [2], a new thin-crystal growth technique which is compatible with integrated photonics [3], and the behaviour of molecular photon sources in the presence of controlled dephasing [4].

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[3] C. Polisseni et al., Opt. Express 24, 5615-5627 (2016).
[4] S. Grandi et al., arXiv:1607.01221 (2016).

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