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Calendar entries for April 2018

Sun, 1. April
Mon, 2. April
Tue, 3. April
Wed, 4. April
Thu, 5. April
Fri, 6. April
Sat, 7. April
Sun, 8. April
Mon, 9. April
Tue, 10. April

Fractionalization in multi-orbital systems
Maria Daghofer, Universität Stuttgart
Wed, 11. April

Die Physik der Proteine: Theoretische Ansätze zum Verständnis der Proteinfaltung
Jens Smiatek, ICP, Universität Stuttgart (Habilitationsvortrag)
Thu, 12. April

Space-Time-Matter: Finitie Projective Geometry as a Quantum World with Elementary Particles
Dr. Klaus Mecke, Institut for Theoretical Physics; Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Fri, 13. April
Sat, 14. April
Sun, 15. April
Mon, 16. April
Tue, 17. April

Ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging: from systems architecture to application
Prof. Dr. Anke Henning, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität, Greifswald

Gravity, Quantum Fields and Information
Michal P. Heller, MPI Potsdam
Wed, 18. April
Thu, 19. April
Fri, 20. April
Sat, 21. April
Sun, 22. April
Mon, 23. April
Tue, 24. April

Title to be announced
Bernd Rosenow, Universität Leipzig
Wed, 25. April
Thu, 26. April

Dealing with Divergent Diffusion Coefficients in Large-Scale Lipid Membrane Simulations
Prof. Gerhard Hummer, Department of Theoretical Biophysics, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics
Fri, 27. April
Sat, 28. April
Sun, 29. April
Mon, 30. April

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