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Bachelor of Science in Physics (B.Sc.)

Language: German
Duration and course type: 3 years (6 semesters), full time

During the six semester Bachelor’s Study Course in Physics students acquire a broad basic knowledge of physics, and an in-depth knowledge in selected areas, and they become familiar with the realm of methods of experimental and theoretical physics. The Studies in Physics Course enables a sufficiently broad and in-depth knowledge of the whole area of experimental and theoretical physics to be obtained. Beyond that, the neighboring sciences of mathematics and chemistry are taught, and a suitable insight into the methods and problems of technology is discussed. Specialization is not pursued too far, but flexibility and self-contained scientific working are encouraged.

With a bachelor degree in physics students can continue in a master program see below. Students will acquire a broad basic knowledge and specialized knowledge in selected fields of physics. They will be made familiar with the methodological instruments of experimental and theoretical physics. On this foundation students will be able to apply scientific results in different fields of practical physics.

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