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Gentner-Kastler Prize 2015 for Tilman Pfau

December 2, 2014;

French-German Gentner-Kastler Prize 2015 awarded to Tilman Pfau

The prize committee awards Tilman Pfau 2015 “for his pioneering research on ultracold, dipolar and Rydberg gases”. The Bose-Einstein condensate with strongly dipolar chromium atoms and his research on Rydberg atoms in dense gases atoms have founded new areas of research. The results have influence on atom and molecule physics, many-body phenomena and applications in quantum information processing.

The Gentner-Kastler-Prize is jointly awarded by the DPG and the Société Française de Physique (SFP). It is awarded for particularly valuable scientific contributions to physics annually to German and French physicists respectively on an alternating basis. In 2015 the prize, which is named after the french physicist Alfred Kastler and the german physicist Wolfgang Gentner, is awarded to Tilman Pfau in France.