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Welcome to the Physics Department at the Universität Stuttgart

Stuttgart represents a location of high-level research in physics with the Physics Department at the University of Stuttgart and two Max Planck Institutes for solid state research and intelligent systems. The main research fields of the Physics Department are solid state physics, atom and quantum optics, photonics, soft matter physics, strongly correlated many-body systems, physical modeling and numerical simulation. The department is embedded in a scientific university with numerous well-established institutes in natural science and engineering science.

Calendar entries for March 2018

Thu, 1. March
Fri, 2. March
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Tue, 6. March
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Wed, 14. March

A Reconstruction Algorithm for Fluorescence Images of Lithium Atoms in a Triangular Optical Lattice
Jan Mika Jacobsen, formerly Institut für Laser-Physik, Uni Hamburg
Thu, 15. March
Fri, 16. March
Sat, 17. March
Sun, 18. March
Mon, 19. March
Tue, 20. March

"Open source hardware for quantum applications" + "Dipolar bosons: dark solitons, rotons and all that"
Grzegorz Kasprowicz, Warsaw University of Technology + Kazimierz Rzazewski, Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Wed, 21. March
Thu, 22. March
Fri, 23. March
Sat, 24. March
Sun, 25. March
Mon, 26. March
Tue, 27. March
Wed, 28. March
Thu, 29. March
Fri, 30. March
Sat, 31. March

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