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Welcome to the Physics Department at the Universität Stuttgart

Stuttgart represents a location of high-level research in physics with the Physics Department at the University of Stuttgart and two Max Planck Institutes for solid state research and intelligent systems. The main research fields of the Physics Department are solid state physics, atom and quantum optics, photonics, soft matter physics, strongly correlated many-body systems, physical modeling and numerical simulation. The department is embedded in a scientific university with numerous well-established institutes in natural science and engineering science.

Calendar entries for February 2018

Thu, 1. February

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Solid-Liquid Interfaces with First-Principles Accuracy Using High-Dimensional Neural Network Potentials
Jörg Behler, Institut für Theoretische Chemie, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Fri, 2. February
Sat, 3. February
Sun, 4. February
Mon, 5. February

Geometry from Physics
Anda Degeratu, Universität Stuttgart (Antrittsvorlesung)
Tue, 6. February
Wed, 7. February
Thu, 8. February

Focus+Context Methods for Particle-Based Data
Joachim Staib, TU Dresden
Fri, 9. February
Sat, 10. February
Sun, 11. February
Mon, 12. February

Measuring photon non-classicality using quantum-dot light sources
Prof. Dr. Glenn S. Solomon, Joint Quantum Institute, Nat. Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Maryland
Tue, 13. February
Wed, 14. February
Thu, 15. February
Fri, 16. February
Sat, 17. February
Sun, 18. February
Mon, 19. February
Tue, 20. February
Wed, 21. February
Thu, 22. February
Fri, 23. February
Sat, 24. February
Sun, 25. February
Mon, 26. February
Tue, 27. February
Wed, 28. February

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