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Welcome to the Physics Department at the Universität Stuttgart

Stuttgart represents a location of high-level research in physics with the Physics Department at the University of Stuttgart and two Max Planck Institutes for solid state research and intelligent systems. The main research fields of the Physics Department are solid state physics, atom and quantum optics, photonics, soft matter physics, strongly correlated many-body systems, physical modeling and numerical simulation. The department is embedded in a scientific university with numerous well-established institutes in natural science and engineering science.

Calendar entries for October 2017

Sun, 1. October
Mon, 2. October
Tue, 3. October
Wed, 4. October
Thu, 5. October
Fri, 6. October
Sat, 7. October
Sun, 8. October
Mon, 9. October
Tue, 10. October

Sensing Weak High Frequency Signals by Quantum Control
Timo Joas, TUM, Walter Schottky Institut
Wed, 11. October
Thu, 12. October
Fri, 13. October
Sat, 14. October
Sun, 15. October
Mon, 16. October
Tue, 17. October

Solving hard computational problems with coupled lasers
Nir Davidson, Weizmann Institut Jerusalem
Wed, 18. October
Thu, 19. October
Fri, 20. October
Sat, 21. October
Sun, 22. October
Mon, 23. October
Tue, 24. October

Super-resolution microscopy of single rare-earth emitters
Stefan Lasse, 3. Physikalisches Institut

Gravitational-Wave Emission and their Multi-messenger Signatures
Alessandra Buonanno, MPI für Gravitationsphysik Potsdam
Wed, 25. October
Thu, 26. October
Fri, 27. October

Integrating point defects in 4H-SiC photonic crystal cavities
Xingyu Zhang, Harvard University
Sat, 28. October
Sun, 29. October
Mon, 30. October
Tue, 31. October

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