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Welcome to the Physics Department at the Universität Stuttgart

Stuttgart represents a location of high-level research in physics with the Physics Department at the University of Stuttgart and two Max Planck Institutes for solid state research and intelligent systems. The main research fields of the Physics Department are solid state physics, atom and quantum optics, photonics, soft matter physics, strongly correlated many-body systems, physical modeling and numerical simulation. The department is embedded in a scientific university with numerous well-established institutes in natural science and engineering science.

Calendar entries for November 2017

Wed, 1. November
Thu, 2. November
Fri, 3. November
Sat, 4. November
Sun, 5. November
Mon, 6. November
Tue, 7. November

Quantum dots interfaced with alkali atoms: filtering, delaying and quantum interfering single photons
Dr. Simone Luca Portalupi, Institut für Halbleiteroptik und Funktionelle Grenzflächen, Universität Stuttgart

The role of resonant states in nanophotonics
Thomas Weiss, Universität Stuttgart
Wed, 8. November
Thu, 9. November

Physics-based potentials across chemical space parametrized from machine learning
Tristan Bereau, Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz
Fri, 10. November
Sat, 11. November
Sun, 12. November
Mon, 13. November
Tue, 14. November

Quantum tricritical points
Manuel Brando, MPI-CPfS Dresden

Photonic quantum technologies: from foundations to applications
Stefanie Barz, Universität Stuttgart (Antrittsvorlesung)
Wed, 15. November
Thu, 16. November
Fri, 17. November
Sat, 18. November
Sun, 19. November
Mon, 20. November
Tue, 21. November

Quantum Photonics Roadmap at the 3rd Physics Institute in Stuttgart
Dr. Florian Kaiser, 3. Phys. Institut

Christoph Gerber, Universität Basel
Wed, 22. November
Thu, 23. November

Multi-scale simulation and dynamics
Florian Müller-Plathe, Technische Universität Darmstadt
Fri, 24. November
Sat, 25. November
Sun, 26. November
Mon, 27. November
Tue, 28. November

Towards scalable quantum photonics with quantum memories
Joshua Nunn, University of Oxford, UK

Break-down of Magnons in a-RuCl3
S. Winter, Universität Frankfurt

Exploring nanometer-sized pores for biosensing
Maria Fyta, Universität Stuttgart
Wed, 29. November
Thu, 30. November

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